Complete Dental Care

We provide Complete Dental Care that includes a Dental Cleaning and so much more that we consider vital to your pets health. Here are some things we feel you need to know:

We take our Dental Service seriously and feel Complete Dental Care is a vital part of your pets overall health. Everything we do here at Midrand Veterinary Hospital revolves around providing you and your pet with a better life together.


The Reason We Do It…

It is great to have clean teeth, but what you do not see is what lies beneath the surface, below the gum lines. It does no good to clean the teeth without accessing the health of the teeth, the roots of the teeth, the lips, the gums, the tongue and the pallet . Your pet’s teeth could be rotting away from below while looking healthy on the surface. This is the reason we do not do any Dental Cleanings without doing yearly full mouth X-rays. These X-rays allow us to pinpoint any problems and provide you and your pet with “Better Life Together.”


What We Do…

We start with a physical exam and Pre-Anesthetic Blood-work to make sure there are no obvious issues that would prohibit your pet from undergoing anesthesia during the procedure. We will carefully put your pet under general anesthesia and perform a detailed exam of your pets teeth and the entire mouth. We then take full mouth digital X-rays, which combined with all other findings, will determine a course of action tailored to your pet’s best Oral Health. If needed, a staff member will call you while your pet is sedated to discuss any further work recommended by the veterinarian other than the standard cleaning. If required, we will make the decision with you whether the alternate work will be performed then or scheduled for another visit.