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    • I hereby certify that I am the legal owner of all the pets listed on this form, and that I am
      liable for all expenses incurred on their behalf at this facility.
    • I undertake to insure that an adult person presents all pets for treatment, and I am aware
      that the staff at this facility will be unable to accept instructions for treatment from anyone
      under the age of 21 years.
    • When leaving my pets in the care of others (holidays, overseas, hospital etc.) I will make
      provision for a responsible adult to act on my behalf, giving them express consent to contact
      this facility on my behalf regarding treatments, finances, decisions regarding euthanasia etc.
    • I undertake to inform the practice of any changes of details.
    • Should I fail to make such arrangements, I hereby unconditionally undertake to abide by the
      decisions made in good faith in my absence by the staff at this facility, and declare myself
      unconditionally responsible for the payment of all professional fees for such treatment.


    • I acknowledge that all accounts are payable in full upon presentation of invoice.
    • I undertake to inquire as to the extent and approximate costs of a proposed treatment,
      failing which I unconditionally accept that I am liable for costs thereof.
    • Any change of address and personal information must be forwarded to the practice
    • Please note that this is a cash practice; and not a registered credit provider. Therefore any
      amounts not paid within 30 days of service will be handed over for collection, as per the
    • New Credit Act. All outstanding accounts will be subject to a late payment penalty, in
      which 30% of the outstanding amount will be added to the account.